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Personality, Attachment, and Control Laboratory
Director: Vivian Zayas, Ph.D.

Books       Under Review       In Press       In Preparation

  • Zayas, V. & Hazan, C. (Eds.) (2015). Bases of Adult Attachment: From Brain to Mind to Behavior. Springer Publishing. Link
  • Reyna, V. & Zayas, V. (Eds.) (2014). The Neuroscience of Risky Decision Making. APA. Link
  • Zayas, V., Wang, A., McCalla, J., Uhrig, B. N.., & Ho, A. S. (under review). Implicit self-ambivalence: Self as good and self as bad.
  • Tabak, J. A.* & Zayas, V. (under review). From fleeting states to stable traits: Gendered connotations of emotional facial expressions impact sexual orientation judgments.
  • Pandey, G.* & Zayas, V. (under review). At face value: The biasing effect of attractiveness persists in the presence of objective utility information.
  • Jampol, L.* & Zayas, V. (under revision). White lies to women in the workplace: Women are given kinder but less accurate performance feedback than equally underperforming men.
  • Gaby, J.* & Zayas, V. (2017). Smelling is telling: Human olfactory cues influence social judgments in semi-realistic interactions. Chemical Senses, 42, 405-418. Download Supplementary Materials
  • Zayas, V., Surenkok, G.*, & Pandey, G.* (2017). Implicit ambivalence of others: Significant others trigger positive and negative evaluations. Social and Personality Psychology Compass. Download
  • Zayas, V., Pandey, G.*, & Tabak, J. A. (2017). Red roses and gift chocolates are judged more positively in the U.S. near Valentine’s Day: Evidence of naturally-occurring cultural priming. Frontiers in Psychology, 8:355 link Supplementary Materials
  • Zayas, V. (2016). “Can you tell if you’ll like someone based on their profile picture? Op-ed. Quartz Ideas (The Atlantic’s Global News and Business Publication), 12/19/16 Link
  • Günaydýn, G.*, Selcuk, E.*, & Zayas, V. (2016). Impressions based on a portrait predict, one month later, impressions following a live interaction. Social Psychological and Personality Science. Download Supplementary Materials
  • Zayas, V., Merrill., S. & Hazan, C. (2015). Fooling around and falling in love: The role of sex in adult attachment. In Simpson, J. & Rholes, S. (Eds.), Attachment theory and research: New directions and emerging themes. Guilford. Download
  • Zayas, V. & Shoda, Y. (2015). Love you? Hate you? Maybe it's both: Significant persons trigger bi-valent priming. Social Psychological and Personality Science. Download
  • Zayas, V., Günaydýn, G.*, & Shoda, Y. (2015). From an unknown other to an attachment figure: How do mental representations change with attachment formation? In V. Zayas & C. Hazan (Eds.), Bases of Adult Attachment: From Brain to Mind to Behavior. Springer Publishing. Download
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    • Critcher, C. R., & Zayas, V. (2014). The Involuntary Excluder Effect: Those included by an excluder are seen as exclusive themselves. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Download
    • Harms, M., Zayas, V., Meltzoff, A., & Carlson, S. M. (2014). Stability of executive function and predictions to adaptive behavior from middle childhood to pre-adolescence. Frontiers in Psychology. Link
    • Ho, E.J.,* Surenkok, G.,* & Zayas, V. (2014). Explicit but not implicit mood is affected by progressive social exclusion. Journal of Interpersonal Relations, Intergroup Relations and Identity. Download
    • Reyna, V. F. & Zayas, V. (2014). Introduction. In Reyna, V. F. & Zayas, V. (Eds.),The Neuroscience of Risky Decision. APA. Download
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      • Zayas, V., Gunaydin, G., & Pandey, G. (2013). Persistence: What does research on self-regulation and delay of gratification have to say? [Commentary]. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 36, 706-707. Download Download Full Article
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      • Zayas, V. & Selcuk, E. (2013). What do implicit processes tell us about romantic attachment. Association for Psychological Science Observer, 26, 19-22. Download
        • Tabak, J. A. & Zayas, V. (2012). “The Science of Gaydar.” Op-ed, New York Times, 6/3/12. Link
        • Tabak, J. & Zayas, V. (2012). The roles of featural and configural face processing in snap judgments of sexual orientation. PLoS ONE. Link
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  • Zayas, V. & Shoda, Y. (2004). Using the Implicit Association Test (IAT) to assess automatic reactions elicited by one's mother. Unpublished manuscript. University of Washington. Download