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Personality, Attachment, and Control Laboratory
Director: Vivian Zayas, Ph.D.

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Lab Director
Curriculum Vita
I'm an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Cornell University. At the broadest level, I'm interested in the understanding the cognitive and affective processes that regulate behaviors within close relationships, and how understanding such processing dynamics can account for (1) differences between people and (2) differences in how a given person's experiences varies over time and across situations. I approach the study of the individual and his or her relationships from a multilevel, interdisciplinary perspective that bridges the study of attachment processes with research on executive control and self-regulation. Most important, I seek to integrate this research within a unifying framework (Zayas, Shoda, & Ayduk, 2002).
For the last ten years, my "other life" has involved chasing a plastic flying disc on grassy fields (also known as playing Ultimate Frisbee). I currently play for the Boston, MA based team Brute Squad. I started playing Ultimate with the Cornell Roses, Cornell's Ultimate Club team, when I was an undergraduate at Cornell.

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Graduate Student (5th year)
Research Interests
• Adult Attachment
• Impression Formation
• Self-Regulation
• Decision-making within Interpersonal Contexts
Current Projects
Currently, one line of my work is exploring how personal construals (e.g., value, perceived effort) affect successful delaying of gratification. In another project, I am also examining the implicit and explicit effects of co-experiencing a situation on impression formation. Last but not least, another line of studies is focused on understanding the contingencies of secure and insecure attachments.
Outside The Lab
When time permits, I love engaging in charcoal sketching, photography, and gardening. I also enjoy reading, writing, theater arts, and, last but not least, cooking.
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Graduate Student (5th year), Department of Human Development
Research Interests
• Adult attachment
• Implicit cognition
• Self-regulation
Current Projects
My research projects in PAC Lab are aimed at understanding the cognitive and affective responses toward different social exclusion situations. I also explore how presence of closer others serve a protective role in such situations.
Outside The Lab
When I'm not working, I enjoy taking long road trips and exploring new places, gardening, watching movies, reading, and visiting zoos!
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Graduate Student (3rd year)
Research Interests
• Emotion
• Self-Regulation
Current Projects
I am currently investigating how mental representations of attachment figures can aid in affect regulation. Additionally, I am exploring how subjective feelings of busyness and work-life balance influence one's satisfaction with life.
Outside The Lab
When not in the lab, I enjoy backpacking, traveling, reading, running, and biking.

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Visiting Scholar/Post-Doctoral Researcher
Lab Alumnus (former honors student)
Research Interests
• Impressions based on physical appearance
• Sexual orientation
• Romantic relationships
Current Research

I'm interested in how we form first impressions of other people and how those snap judgments impact our behavior, especially within the context of romantic relationships. My research with Dr. Zayas on snap judgments of sexual orientation from faces (PAPER: The Roles of Featural and Configural Face Processing in Snap Judgments of Sexual Orientation / COMMENTARY IN NEW YORK TIMES: The Science of ‘Gaydar’ has received international media attention.

Outside The Lab
In my other life, I am a researcher with a major tech company. Outside of my industrial and academic research, I love to cook and bake -- my current project is pinning down my grandmother's a-pinch-of-this-a-pinch-of-that recipes.

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