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Personality, Attachment, and Control Laboratory
Director: Vivian Zayas, Ph.D.
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If you are interested in participating in the research conducted by the Personality, Attachment, and Control Lab, would like to know more about research opportunities, or have questions regarding the application process, please contact us and let us know.

Open positions in the lab:

Undergraduate Research Assistant

• We are looking for bright, self-directed, and enthusiastic undergraduate students to assist on research projects examining the cognitive and affective processes operating when individuals interact with or simply think about people who are particularly significant (e.g., romantic partners, parents). To learn more about specific research projects please visit the research page.

• Qualifications: Interest in social/personality psychology, willingness to work 10 hours/week and attend weekly meetings, computer and/or organizational skills, and writing skills.

Research Assistant Application:

If you are interested in working as a research assistant in the PAC lab during the academic year, this is the place to be! I'm looking for undergraduate students who are intrinsically interested in personality and social psychology and would like to learn to work with cognitive and neurophysiological measures. In particular, RAs will be assisting in the running various types of experiments, including those recording brain activity (EEG/ERP).

Given that it takes some time to learn neurophysiological methodology, the RA position involves a minimum two semester commitment (fall '15 and spring '16) and enrolling in 3 credits of undergraduate research each semester (3 credits translates into approximately 9 hours per week). RAs will learn about all aspects of running EEG/ERP and cognitive/behavioral studies, from subject recruitment to instructing subjects to affixing electrode caps. RAs will also be required to attend lab meetings, where we will talk about research in and outside of the lab.

If you are interested in applying for an RA position, I'd like to learn a little more about you. Please download and complete the academic year application and submit it to for consideration. The best of luck!

Download the Academic Year RA Application

Summer RA Application:

If you are interested in working as a research assistant this summer, please consider joining the PAC lab! The lab typically operates at 25% working compacity during the summer. Basically, we'll be focusing on wrapping up studies from the past year, fine tuning measures, and prepping for the fall. As such, the lab only needs 1-2 students at most. Please complete the summer application and submit it to for consideration.

Download the Summer RA Application